Pre-order + Playtest Kit + Fluxfall Jam!


  • The Kickstarter campaign has concluded and pre-orders ("late pledges") for the digital and two different hardcover editions is available at Backerkit here.

  • A game jam ("Fluxfall Jam") where anyone can publish anything for Fluxfall Horizon has launched, and will be open until February 15, 2022. Here's a link to the game jam.

Version .38 changes:

  • Greater details added for the five factions
  • Scenario "Corporate Earnings" added
  • Scenario "Serpents of Polaris" added
  • Scenario "The Game Show" added (guest writer Thomas Manuel)
  • Alternate Earth "Gamemaster" added
  • Layout overhauled for easier readability and respectability
  • GM rules cheatsheet created (included in the free Playtest Kit)
  • Misspellings 99% eliminated
  • Domain created. Will redirect to the Itch product page for now, but will eventually be a landing page for general information and purchase options

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