Version .24 changes

  • Added a class of moves: Meta Moves. Included are two new moves, Prayer to the Continuum (Devil's Bargain) and Give a Continuum Coin (a bankable +1 award from player to player as reward for good roleplaying)
  • Added Disentanglement mechanic: various triggers earn "Disentanglement" points, every five of which unlock a stat upgrade or super "quantum power." But on the 26th such point earned, the lancer dies or disappears in a spectacular fashion
  • Added move "Best Your Double/Doppel." Anytime the lancer encounters their copy and tries to best them in some way, this move is triggered instead of through the normal core moves. Failure results in weird continuum hiccups.
  • GM advice page added that summarizes all ways to stir the pot, unstick a stuck scene or reward players
  • Major overhaul to general playsheet organization
  • Professional-level layout work by Monday Cox begins

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